Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chapter 21

Time Passes

“Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer we'd all have frozen to death.” – Mark Twain

Winter can get boring but that ain’t always bad, especially when you go something new you’re practicing at.  Lee and I finished the bedroom, found the bed, put it together, and then made use of it … good use.  There were times it was hard to get out of it to take care of our responsibilities.  I’d always heard other girls say it was about like riding a bicycle, it just took practice to make it more than a job.  Well I think waiting must have done the truck for me and Lee ‘cause if that’s work a vacation would probably be the death of me. 

Lee was so happy when I told him that he tripped over Beau, ran into the door frame and spilt the hot coffee he’d been carrying and still didn’t stop smiling with the goofy grin he tended to get when a certain subject came up. 

Not to say fooling around is all we did.  When you plan on a future together you tend to start wondering about what that future is going to look like.  For Lee and I that meant a family and with that comes figuring out how to support one. 

“Still say a family business is the best.” 

I nodded.  “The problem isn’t the what Lee but the where and the how.  These lakes won’t last forever, they can’t no matter the rumors about just damming all the water up where they can and keeping it that way.  But I can’t see even trying to come down until at least some of the lakes bleed off.” 

“Yeah, I know Bella.  But staying here is only temporary.  You understand that don’t you?” 

“I know.  If for no other reason than because of supplies.  But where would we live?  You already admitted it can’t be the farm.”

“Well I sure as heck ain’t gonna go begging for a place from your uncle.”

I scooted over in the bed and draped my arm across his chest.  “Not what I want either.  Guess we can’t make plans yet but we can’t put it off forever.”

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